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Twiva enables anyone to become an influencer and to start their online business without investing any capital.

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How Social Commerce Works

Once you list products on Twiva, influencers start reselling them on their social media accounts. If 1000 influencers, each with 3 accounts, select a product, it would be listed on 3000 online shops without you incurring any upfront cost.


Anyone can be a reseller on Twiva

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Lucy Kinuthia

Working with Twiva on the #TwendeOnlineNaTwiva campaign has allowed me to earn substantially by turning my content into sales for small businesses registered on the Twiva platform. With Twiva I am able to expand my creativity by creating different types of fun and quality content for different products every week.

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Shelmith Wanjeri

I enjoy creating content around beauty, hair and lifestyle. For the longest time it was really discouraging to create content and not get noticed and for a moment I took the backseat. Working with Twiva has been a great opportunity as they have not only allowed me to put my passion and creative side to use, but also earn from it. And for that I am truly grateful, thank you Twiva!

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Ian Mogaka

Twiva has enabled me to earn a sustainable source of income through their weekly influencer campaigns and gigs. If you are a young person looking to use your influence on social media as well as earn a dignified income, then Twiva is the place for you.

Benefits of Being a Twiva Influencer/Reseller

All you need is a social media account and a mobile phone to start earning

1. Start your own online business

Our Influencers/Resellers earn $250 per month on average

2. Start at Zero cost

Create a free account on twiva, select products you want to sell on your social media pages and make money every time someone buys from you.

3. Earn a commission on all sales

Earn 5-10% in commissions for every successful sale you make

Some of our social commerce clients